Sound Journey

Music is innate in us all. All matter is vibrating, thus sound has an influential role upon changes in matter. Sound Journey is the conscious use of sound to support continued healing and embodiment, and the expansion of conscious awareness using this universal language. Instruments may include voice, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, tuning forks, hang drum, frame drum, rattles, chimes, flute, and harmonium. Group facilitation and private sessions available.

Sound Immersion

An immersive workshop for yoga teachers and healing professionals seeking to incorporate sound into their classes and/or core offerings. If this is you, or you’re a studio manager or owner wishing to bring this to your community, please get in touch.

Nada Yoga

Union through nada: sound. An ancient metaphysical practice of inner transformation through sound and tone, based on the premise that the entire cosmos and everything in it is made of vibration. A mystical exploration of deep listening.